Other policies

Minimum 32 to 34 Classes will be offered during the school year. Total number of classes will include the practice and rehearsal classes for the annual event. Makeup classes will be offered for any cancelled class.

Refund for cancelled classes: If a class is cancelled for any reason from the beginning of the School year, full amount paid for the class is refunded. If a class is cancelled during the year for any reason, a prorated amount of fee is refunded. There will be no refund for classes cancelled due to inclement weather, although make-up classes are generally offered when possible. No refund for classes missed by student for any reason.

Student withdrawal: In case of a withdrawal from a class, student/parent is requested to submit a written Withdrawal Application form to Admin Staff. Pro-rated Refund, which will be effective from the next calendar month, will be given within 30 days for the remaining calendar months for which fee is paid in advance, less $20 processing fee. There will be no retroactive refund due to late submission of withdrawal application.

Class Transfer: There is no fee for transfer from one class to another or for transfer from one center to another center. However, a Class Transfer form must be submitted, in advance, and approved by Admin Staff

Late Fee: $40 per student per class per month applicable after fee payment due date.

Bounced Check Fee: $50 for each bounced check.

Special Class/Workshop Fee: Special classes and workshops may have a different fee schedule announced separately for each course/workshop and listed on the website.

11. Fee Payment Options: Please review class schedules and Fee schedules. (a) Full-Year Payment by checks: - Please download registration form at this website, complete it and bring it alongwith a check for $650 per class per student to admin staff prior to beginning of classes in September, unless paid in advance through Mail-in registration or in Open House registration session. (b) Two Installments Payment – Please download registration form at this website, complete it and bring it along with a check for $350 to admin staff prior to beginning of classes in September. The second installment of $350 must be paid by check before end-January of the same school year.