We are privileged to be partners with these organizations:

Krishnamurti Foundation of India, and RENEW (Reform Education for a New World)

IIS has launched a series workshops and group discussions on the role of parents in ensuring wholesome education of their children, in collaboration with Krishnamurti Foundation of India, and RENEW (Reform Education for a New World). Many years of research and consultation with educators and child psychologists have confirmed that future society and human destiny depends upon how we raise and educate our children today. We wish to share our observations and report on a few noteworthy experiments presently being done around the world, and highlight some findings to start discussions on this subject of great interest and concern.

Proud to teach the next generation about responsible financial behavior through our program with Cardinal Bank.

We are proud to announce that India International School is now an overseas center of Prayag Sangeet Samiti. An accredited institute in Allahabad India which gives certification of learning of various classical dance form, instrumental and vocal music.

Currently Kathak students of Ms. Tanu Shrivastav are pursuing this course. It is a course of 2 yr junior diploma, 4 yr senior Diploma, 6 yrs-graduate diploma (prabhakar) or 7 yrs post graduate diploma (praveen) in Kathak dance.

There is a written theory test in April/May for which the question paper comes from India and the answer sheets are sent back to India for checking followed by a practical dance exam in May/June for which the examiner comes from India. Girls less than 10 yrs of age can skip written test and take an oral test instead they take a viva test. The marksheets and certificates are sent later.

Fees: form fees are $20 for 1st year; they increase by $5 for each consecutive year after. The examination fee is $150.

This is not a mandatory course. Students can learn dance without taking the test or choose to take test. This does require more commitment in terms of time and effort but helps students to become better and knowledgeable dancers and also the certificate is helpful in their college applications.

Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal (Instrumental music)

Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal (ABGM, est. 1901)is probably the largest university devoted exclusively to the classical performing arts in India. The university works for the promotion and propagation of Indian Classical Music and Dances with its main Sangeet Vidyalaya in Vashi, Navi Mumbai and has nearly 1200 affiliated institutions and nearly 800 Exam Centres in /india, Europe and Northern America. More than 140,000 students take examinations every year from Prarambhik (Beginners level) to Sangeet Acharya (Ph.D. level). Mandal's General Body consists of members not only from almost all the States in India but from abroad as well.

ABGM prescribes a very logically organized syllabus for Indian music instruction which includes north Indian classical vocal music, instrumental music and dance. Students go through the following levels of instruction: Each level has a theoretical and practical component.

  • Sangeet Parichay
  • Prarambhik
  • Praveshika Madhyama
  • Praveshika Poorna
  • Madhyama Pratham
  • Madhyama Poorna
  • Sangeet Visharad (equivalent to a bachelors degree)
  • Sangeet Alankar (equivalent to a Masters degree)
  • Sangeet Acharya (equivalent to Ph. D)

The ABGM has several centers in the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

The India International School conducts vocal instruction as per the prescribed syllabus of the ABGM. Several of our current and past students have completed up to the first four levels over the last 4 years and have attained the Praveshika Poorna level certification. Exams are conducted by the Richmond Center of the Mandal on a semiannual basis, in November and April of the academic year by qualified examiners accredited by ABGM.

India International School in collaboration with ABGM has been fortunate to attract increasingly more and more students each year desirous of learning out traditional classical arts and are benefitting from the structured instruction its syllabus offers.