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India International School and Cultural Center

Music, Dance, Arts - pathways towards Spirituality

Our tradition teaches us that sound is God—Nāda Brahma. That is, musical sound and the

musical experience are steps to the realization of the Self. We view music as a kind of spiritual

discipline that raises one’s inner being to divine peacefulness and bliss. The highest aim of

our music is to reveal the essence of the universe it reflects, and the Rāgas are among the

means by which this essence can be apprehended. Thus, through music, one can reach God.

—Ravi Shankar, Sitar maestro, from his book, My Music, My Life)



2021/22 School Calendar

Saturday, August 21st 10AM-12PM - OPEN HOUSE

September 7 --- Classes begin as per schedule

November 24-28 --- Thanksgiving Break

December 19-January 1 --- Winter Break

April 3 - April 9 --- SPRING BREAK 

May 28 - 30 --- Memorial Day Break

June 3 --- Last Day of Classes

June 4 & 5 --- Annual Day