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India International School and Cultural Center

About Us

Our Mission

To raise awareness of Indian culture in the local community, celebrate cultural diversity, and to serve as integrated center for educational, social, and cultural services.



India International School (IIS) is a non-profit and equal-opportunity educational institution, serving the community since 1982. The main objective of IIS is to: provide quality education in the arts, culture, and languages of India; impart the knowledge and skills to younger generations seeking personal growth and harmony with others; and sensitize the youth to basic human values and preservation of the environment. About 100 classes per week are taught by 35 teachers in core subjects including: vocal and instrumental music, classical and modern dances, fine arts, Yoga, and languages. IIS students frequently perform at national and local community festivals, theater, radio and television.

In addition to regular classes in core subjects, IIS is home to many other learning opportunities: creative writing, critical thinking, public speaking, leadership, science technology engineering math (STEM), supplementing STEM by adding the Arts dimension (STEAM), emotional balance, financial management, in-house plays and concerts. Series of workshops and seminars at IIS include - nutrition and health, history, literature, meditation, and spiritual awareness, etc. IIS is also engaged in many volunteering programs including - boy scouts of America, feeding the hungry, annual drives for blood donation and bone marrow donor registration, and donations to other charitable organization. We welcome collaboration with all compatible organizations.



Current Officers: •Vishwas Shirgaonkar (President) Indira Kumar (Vice-President) Vinod Chaudhary (Treasurer) •Secretary and Administrative Officer (Vacant) •Kavita Bhatt (Administrative Assistant) •Joyce Gouveia (Administrative Assistant) • 

Board of Directors: The Board of Directors provide policy directions and major decisions. All Directors work as volunteers. The current Directors are: •Vishwas Shirgaonkar (President and Chair)Indira Kumar •Nalin Jain •Vinod Chaudhary •Tanu Shrivastav •Sreelata Pillai •Sameer Chandra •Sura Rajput Mittal •Manali Awasthi •Usha Chaudhary •Priti Jain

Board of Trustees: The Trustees provide overall direction and guidance on vision and goals. The Trustees are: •Radhika Yadav •Indira Kumar •Gopal Yadav •Dhananjaya Kumar

 Proudly serving Northern Virginia since 1982!