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About Manali Awasthi

Manali  Awasthi
  • Manali Awasthi
My name is Manali Awasthi and I teach Classical Bharatnatyam Dance at the India International School at the Chantilly location. I have performed my Arangeteram in the year 1993 under the tutelage of my Guru Ms. Jayshree Vasudevan in affiliation to the Music Triangle Institute located in Santacruz, Bombay. I have also learned Kathak about two years under Mr. Inder Kumar before I moved on to learning Bharatnatyam. The total training period for learning Bharatnatyam has been around five plus years for me. The student under me would start their journey to learning the classical dance by first learning the basic steps (the Adavus), progressing to Nritya and Natya with emphasis on the abhinaya. Every session we will also focus on learning the various hastas (hand gestures). The gradual progression makes sure the students get familiar with the basics and enjoy their dance as they learn the Allaripu, Tillana, Jatiswaram, Varnam, Sabdam and Padam.

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