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About Kaveri Mishra

Kaveri  Mishra
  • Kaveri Mishra
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Kaveri Mishra teaches classical Odissi dance. Kaveri Mishra is a known trained odissi dancer for the past 25 years, she started her training at the age of 6 and continued until she earned a 7 year diploma course for mastering the dance form, after which she continued her path by taking part in a 4 year work-research program under the guidance of Padmavibhushana Late Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, who is known as the father of Odissi dance. She has given many dance performances which include some of the very prominent Indian classical dance festivals held in India and other parts of the world such as Russia, Germany, Indonesia, North Korea, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam to name a few. Her research topic called ‘’still and mobility points of sculptures’’ required her to go around the Indian continent and study the various sculptures built around the 1000 year old Indian temples, as these sculptures depict the various stories from the Hindu mythology, which are re-enacted in the form of dance in odissi, she also contributed in the making of the two main basic books for learning this particular dance form called the Odissi Pathfinder volume 1 and volume 2.She has won the prestigious State Sangeeta Natak Academy Award ,Mahari award and Gurur Gangadhar Smaranika award.

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