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Clients Testimonials

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  • Surabhi Tandon

    "I have been attending Poonam's Yoga lessons for couple of years now. It is a complete yoga experience where she teaches not just the yoga poses but also gives useful tips on how to adopt yoga as a lifestyle. She tells the details about each pose and stresses on proper breathing during the pose. She remembers each attendee's physical limitation (if any) and suggests alternate ways of doing a pose to them. Each class includes exercises for all parts of the body, and the progression of poses in a class seems to have a natural flow that makes it easy and enjoyable. I am so lucky to have found Poonam as my yoga instructor. Her techniques have helped me learn the yoga poses, and her own calmness gives me a sense of inner peace."

  • Karen Kimball

    The class is the perfect level and intensity of yoga for me! Most valuable were the balance and twisting poses, and the thoughtful approach. It has benefited me with calmness, ability to focus, and flexibility. Thank you, Poonam! Enjoyed the course very much!

  • Ankit

    I had a wonderful experience learning Hindi at India International School--I went from illiterate to proficient when it came to reading and writing Hindi, and greatly improved my speaking and listening ability as well. I am incredibly thankful to India International School for helping me connect with my culture and better be able to communicate with my relatives through Hindi. IIS sparked my interest in continued Hindi education and in South Asian culture in general, and I ended up majoring in South Asian Languages & Civilizations in college. Mrs. Maheshveri, or Madhu Aunty as we called her, was an incredible teacher who went above and beyond what was required of her. Just as an example, she was willing to help me prepare for my Hindi college placement exam years after I last took a class with her.

  • SuryaRaj Jain

    India School has been fantastic! It helped me to learn and understand the Indian culture by taking language and music classes since I was a young child of five years. By learning Hindi from Madhu Maheshwari ji for 7+ years, I was able to take the Fairfax County Language Exam and pass with two language credits, which allowed me to use it towards my high school diploma and act in her plays for IIS Annual Day each year. Plus I can speak with my relatives in Hindi and enjoy Bollywood movies! The IIS Annual Day is one of many events that children and parents get to participate and watch others perform what they have learned throughout the year. IIS teachers and Indira ji always encouraged me to perform, play and sing in front of several large crowds that helped build my confidence. If it wasn’t for IIS, I would have never understood the Indian culture. The experience that I had with IIS will not be found anywhere else.

  • Pamila Chandra

    We are fortunate to be part of India International School family for last 2 years. The teachers are devoted and compassionate towards the kids. My 8 year old kid always looks forward to his music and art classes. He takes the school as a fun place to learn about Indian music and art. The school has a very comfortable learning environment and has the latest technical facilities. We continue to be part of this wonderful school and to help them in fulfilling their mission.

  • Ami Jani

    Both my kids go to IIS to learn Kathak and Hindi. My kids connects with IIS teachers and their supporting staff. They always looks forward to going back to IIS every Sunday. IIS is like their second weekend home where they learns and play with their Indian community friends. We are part of IIS from last 5 years.